Psychologist Christine Lien

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My name is Christine Lien. I am an experienced psychologist, working at Klinikk for Krisepsykologi, Bergen, Norway (

As a therapist I use different techniques adapted to the client´s needs. My specialities are emotion focused therapy (EFT), AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and complex trauma. It is important for me to be respectful and genuin towards you, to help you to open up, being more authentic and more of the person you want to be. My experience with different techniques makes it possible to meet different needs, personalities and situations.

I provide therapy in Norwegian and English. You are welcome to contact me by SMS at 93411635, or by email psykolog(at) I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to read other clients evaluations of me as a therapist, you can seek information at

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